We are comprehensive providers of a host of fire safety equipment, including the supply and installation of fire alarms. In commercial buildings fire alarms are not just necessary for the obvious practical benefits, they are also a necessity by law and in order to fulfil all your legal and contractual obligations you must ensure you have effective, high quality fire alarm systems. We provide a variety of fire alarm services, including: Fire alarm systems We supply everything you need for your system and ensure it is the most suitable choice for your application. Fire alarm installation Our highly trained team are capable of first class installations, ensuring your alarms are fitted professionally. Fire alarm maintenance Our experts provide regular maintenance checks, ensuring your systems are working correctly, and any faults can be swiftly and successfully repaired. Wireless Fire Alarms The wireless alarms utilize radio signals to communicate between components, and set off sounders on detection of an incident. Whatever you need, our wealth of services ensures we can meet your every requirement. Our highly experienced team can assist you every step of the way, providing professional advice and delivering a complete management service. Contact us today for more information!