Foam Fire Extinguishers

These pressure foam content extinguishers are ideal for multi-risk situations where both Class A combustible materials and Class B, flammable liquid and gases are likely to be put out by this extinguisher.

Water Fire Extinguishers

Ember Safe Fire Extinguishers

DCP Fire Extinguishers

CO2 Fire Extinguishers

The CO2 carbon steel extinguisher is specifically designed for fires involving flammable liquids and electrical hazards, Class C and Class B fires.

Extinguishing Agents

Extinguishing agents can be found in solid, liquid or gaseous forms. When combined with fire suppression systems or fire sprinkler systems, they are highly effective in putting out fires.

Fire Cabinets

MS Fire’s tailor-made fire cabinets are manufactured in-house by highly skilled artisans. Our range is bench-marked at the top of static asset protection and fire protection solutions.

Fire Hoses

Our Fire hoses are of the best quality and we have them in different length and sizes.

Hose Reels

MS Fire is a leading supplier of fire hose reels for commercial, industrial and public buildings.

Fire Hydrant Valves

MS Fire’s fire hydrant valves are made from the finest materials in the industry.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are suitable for fires that cannot be extinguished with water, good for stove pan fires, electrical fires and a person’s clothing.

Linear Heat Detection Cables

Continuous heat detector cables are capable of detecting heat anywhere along their length. Sensor cables are comprised of two steel conductors individually insulated with a proprietary heat sensitive polymer.

Sonos Voice Sounders

The Sonos Voice range combines normal sounder signals with a clear, synchronised voice message to help reduce confusion and distress in an occasion of a fire.

Explosion Proof Sounders

The EXD Sounders have been approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and very harsh environmental conditions.

Fire Bells

We have motorised fire bells for fire alarming applications.

Series 65 Conventional Detector Range

The MS Fire Series 65 Conventional Detector range from Apollo offers proven detection performance.

Vesda Pipes & Fittings

These are key elements in the performance of a VESDA ASD system, it is the network of sampling pipes that actively transports air from a protected area to the detector.

Vesda(net) Communications

VESDAnet is a fault-tolerant proprietary communications protocol, which allows the VESDA range of smoke detectors, displays, programmers and remote units to communicate with each other on one network.

TC3000 Range – Fire & Extinguishant Combination Panels

These 3 Zone Combination Panels detect fire the same as a fire panel, but in addition to sounding alarms, it also controls the release of an extinguishing agent.

TC5000 Series – 2 Loop Panel

The TC5200 is fully expandable from 1 to 2 loops, has two on-board sounder circuits, and is compatible with Apollo Discovery and XP95 protocols.

SensoMAG Remote Indicators

The SensoMAG LED is a remote indicator with 1 input. The device repeats the status of 1 or several automatic detectors (up to 3 SensoMAG detectors in series). The remote indicator operates with limited current detectors.

Stand Pipes

Standpipes are rigid vertical pipes which fire hoses can be connected to, and are used for drawing water from the local supply mains.

VESDA ASD Solutions

VESDA very early warning smoke detection solutions provide the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard.


The VESDA VLC supports three configurable alarm levels (Alert, Pre-Alarm and Fire) and comes in two versions: XT-VLC-500 interfaces via relays only (RO) and the other across either relays or VESDAnet (VN)

Fire Sand Buckets

A fire sand bucket or fire bucket is used to extinguish fires by filling it with sand, and throwing the sand over the fire. Typically, fire buckets are painted bright red.


MS Fire Systems supplies top quality fire safety equipment and also a variety of warning signs and fire safety signs, including chevron boards available in ABS or phosphorescent.

TC5000 Series Intelligent Panels

The panels are flexible and powerful with an intuitive user interface. Each panel has a high resolution LCD display with a high-tactile feedback membrane keypad. This combination provides a concise menu-based, high resolution graphical user interface with simple select-and-click programming to aid engineering configuration and end-user operation.

Discovery Intelligent Detector Range

The range features two multi-sensor detectors: One is an optical/heat multi-sensor to protect against various types of fire risk. The other is a carbon monoxide/heat multi-sensor that protects against both smouldering fires and those generating heat.

Battery Operated Smoke & CO Detector

This standalone battery operated combination detector detects smoke from smouldering fires and carbon monoxide from, eg. malfunctioning fuel-burning appliances. Equipped with an intelligent MCU microprocessor, it can promptly and accurately detect dangerous smoke or CO levels. Suitable for areas such as households, apartments, supermarkets and office buildings.