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7 Important Components of Life Safety Systems

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August 16, 2019

Life safety systems are made up of elements that are designed to protect your building and its occupants during a fire or emergency situation. There are many components that make up life safety systems. Having an integrated and fully functioning life safety system can improve the safety of your business. Here are some things elements that should be considered when designing a building’s life safety system:

  1. Fire Sprinklers or Suppression

Sprinklers and suppression systems are critical to the safety of the people in your building. These systems are designed to react to a fire by extinguishing or suppressing a fire before it causes extensive damage to the building or harms the people inside.

2. Fire Alarm & Detection System

These systems detect the presence of a fire and alert the people within the building. This allows people to evacuate the building safely before the fire becomes too large.

3. CCTV Security Cameras

Having security cameras installed in your facility can help to deter crime and monitor the activities of your facility. CCTV cameras provide peace of mind by recording videos of your property.

  • Access Control Systems

An access control system helps to secure your building by controlling who can enter your facility. This prevents unauthorized personnel from entering your property and causing damage or harm.

  • Alarm & Security Monitoring

Monitoring your alarm and security systems provides 24-hour protection for your building in emergency situations. When an alarm in your building activates, authorities will be alerted immediately to make sure that your building is attended to as quickly as possible.

4. Emergency and Exit Lighting

It is important to have emergency and exit lighting in your facility to allow occupants to safely find their way to an exit. These emergency lighting systems work when the power is out in a facility.

5. Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher can be used to extinguish small fires before they grow into larger uncontrollable fires. Having fire extinguishers throughout your building and along with personnel who are trained to operate them can help save lives.

Life Safety Systems from MS Fire Systems

MS Fire Systems can install components of a life safety system in your facility. We have the capability of designing and installing fire sprinklers, suppression, and alarms. We also can provide your building with extra security through the installation of access control systems and CCTV cameras. Our team also provides fire alarm and security monitoring for 24 hour protection for your facility. We have experienced technicians who can inspect and test your life safety systems to help keep them running smoothly and working together to provide the highest level of protection for your property. Contact us now to get the best bargain.

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