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The Significance Of Fire Safety Signage

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August 1, 2019
Fire Safety Signage

Fire Exit Signs are one of the most important types of signs that are present in a building. In case of a fire, the arrows on these signs tell people where to go instead of going elsewhere in panic

To get an idea of the importance of fire signs, imagine being present in building that’s on fire with the fire alarm ringing. The fire door retainer has closed the fire door behind you, and you feel that you are trapped. Your heart beat increases. You start to panic. There’s only one opening that leads to the corridor. Upon reaching the corridor, you see a sign pointing you towards safety. Had there been no fire exit sign in the corridor, the risk of danger would have been considerably higher. You may have taken the wrong path and reached a dead end. Or, you may have decided to use the elevator in panic.

The inexpensive safety signs at the end of the corridor are a blessing in a fire emergency. All types of buildings are regulated; it’s mandatory for the buildings to have a fire exit sign on top of the door saying “Fire Exit” as well as a sign showing that it’s a fire door. A lot of buildings take the extra precaution of having fire arrow signs all over the building for leading people to the fire exit door.

Fire safety signs are a part of the health and safety planning of a building. Hanging the signs is also done very carefully. Special attention is given to the sign’s height to make sure it’s visible to all. Photo luminescent fire exit signs are used if there emergency lighting is not installed in the building. Local fire officers can provide information about the fire exit signs needed in a particular building. It’s important that the fire safety sign have their appropriate labelling.

Positioning of Fire Safety Signage

Fire Safety signage should indicate the location of fire safety and fire-fighting equipment such as fire alarm call points and fire extinguishers and provide clear instructions for mandatory requirements such as ‘fire door keep shut’.

Your fire safety signs should be professionally installed by a competent person who is conversant with regulatory requirements, and with due regard to the layout and risks associated with a particular premises.

Although there are standard requirements for some signage, fire exit signage is site specific, as no two layouts are the same. Building occupants should be able to view an emergency exit sign from wherever they are in a building. Point of sale materials, for example, should not obscure any emergency exit signage.

In some environments, hanging or floor mounted signs may be required alongside conventional wall mounted signs.

When looking at sign installation, try to envisage yourself as someone unfamiliar to the site. Displays can block the view of emergency exits, and whilst staff will know where their nearest exits are, the general public or visitors to your site will not.

Types of Fire Safety Signage

At MS Fire Systems, we stock a huge selection of fire safety signage ranging from self-adhesive stickers to rigid signs showing a number of different instructions. Contact us and get a quotaion as soon as possible.

On a final note, always take due regard of the panic effect, no one truly knows how they will react to a fire or other incident until it occurs, and such an incident will immediately change people’s behaviours.

Fire safety signage forms part of the overall fire protection, and is essential to the safety of you, your employees, your organisation and its customers.

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